Have some questions about your upcoming root canal? Edinburgh Endodontist answers your top 5 FAQs

When it comes to dental procedures and treatments, there are 2 which make most dental patients feel uncomfortable.

Root Canal Edinburgh

With adults, traditional metal braces are never a popular option when recommended to straighten teeth. And, in close-run second place, endodontics is never sought after by patients, even when they are in significant discomfort.

Both of these procedures are routine in dental practices, but have a bad reputation among patients. Myths surrounding both treatments have made them seem unattractive no matter how effective for dental customers, meaning many would rather tolerate having a crooked smile or even having a complete dental extraction! But, while the invention of clear or invisible braces has been able to take the unappealing element out of adult orthodontics, there is no suitable alternative for endodontics beyond an extraction.

At Edinburgh Endodontist, we know how scary endodontic procedures can seem and will always ensure that the patients that are referred to us are told the truths about this very sound treatment. We will make having a root canal in Edinburgh a pleasant and relaxing experience, leaving you with a restored tooth and not a large gap. Perfect!

But what are some of the most common questions that our team is asked about having a root canal in Edinburgh? Read on to find out!

Does it hurt?

Contrary to popular belief, having a root canal in Edinburgh will not be uncomfortable. Our team will aim to ensure that the area is sufficiently numbed before we begin, and will be as gentle as possible during the treatment. In fact, many patients report feeling a decrease in discomfort after this procedure, so it is more likely to make you feel better!

Will the treatment kill the tooth?

No, it won’t.

Despite the name, this procedure does not involve the removal of the root of the tooth and focuses on removing infected debris from the pulp canal. This both stops the infection from spreading while also protecting the nerve and the gum surrounding the root so, no, it will not kill your tooth.

Isn’t an extraction easier?

Potentially, but our team at the Edinburgh Endodontist are more eager for patients to not undertake a full tooth extraction.

For one, they will leave a gap in your teeth which may cause an aesthetics problem, alongside creating destabilisation of surrounding natural teeth as the gum recedes. Secondly, having an extraction gap filled with an implant is a lengthy process, which could cost you a great deal of money and its success is not guaranteed.

How likely is it that it will fail?

Endodontics has an extremely high success rate, well over 95%!

However, in the event that healing is not achieved, our team will be able to conduct a secondary fitting, which will once again be able to restore the natural tooth.

Will I need 2 appointments?

You may need 2 appointments to complete an endodontic procedure; this will depend on the severity of the infection and on the condition of the tooth being treated. Molar teeth are more likely to require 2 appointments to complete this endodontic treatment.