Patient Journey

Patient Journey

If you are a registered patient (have a dentist), your dentist will refer you directly to us.

This means you do not have to do anything at all. We will get in touch with you to confirm that we have received your referral and how we can progress.

If you are NOT a registered patient (do not have a dentist), you may wish to contact us first or self-refer yourself for a consultation if you have all the relevant information.

However, we strongly recommend that you register with a dentist for your routine dental and oral care. Root canal procedure is teamwork. Dentists and specialist endodontists work in partnership and collaborate to ensure the best outcome is achieved for you. We would not be able to achieve our high success rate without the help of our collaborating dentists. Root canal procedure will not be complete until you see your dentist for the final restoration and aftercare. In some urgent cases we may start your root canal treatment if your dentist is not in Edinburgh or you are in the process of registering. Please contact us for more information.


After we receive your referral, we will contact you to confirm the receipt of all the relevant information and to provide you with relevant information about your referral, journey and treatment. This will allow you to understand your treatment plan and to choose the most suitable and convenient time for your appointment. If ample information has been provided, we may be able to book you for treatment straight away.

We will also send you a welcome pack containing valuable information about the practice, address, directions and root canal procedures. In addition, we will send you a medical history form electronically to complete. Please ensure you include the names of all your medications.

We endeavour to obtain as much information as possible to be able to arrange your treatment appointment with Dr Navid Saberi. However, some may require to attend the practice for a consultation for further examination, X Rays or clinical microscopic investigation. Dr Saberi will fully inform you if there is a need for further investigation and how these will be carried out. Some complex treatments may require further discussion with your dentist for a multidisciplinary treatment planning and sequencing with your dentist. In these circumstances Dr Saberi will speak with your dentist following the consultation and will contact you regarding the outcome and follow up.


To understand your requirements and to tailor your root canal treatment to your individual needs, you may need to attend for a root canal consultation. Dr Saberi will talk to you about your tooth story and problem, dental and medical history, your needs and requirements, the sequence of events and the root canal procedure. Dr Saberi will examine your tooth, and carry out tests that may include dental X Rays. You will have ample time to ask any questions you may have about your treatment. Dr Navid Saberi will confirm the number of appointments and the duration and the costs involved. If any further tests and investigations, such as tooth CT scan be required, Dr Saberi will inform you about these and will arrange these for you following your consultation.

If treatment is appropriate, a suitable appointment will be arranged for you to attend the practice following your consultation.

Our practices are located in Central and South Edinburgh with excellent transport links via Tram, Rail, Bus and if necessary road.

First visit to the practice

On arrival, you will be welcomed by our friendly and dedicated reception team. If your medical history form has not been completed, the team will provide you with a new form to fill in. In addition, our reception team will ascertain the receipt of all the documentation sent to you in advance.

You can relax in the lounge while filling in your medical history or reading the documents. You will be greeted in the lounge by a member of the clinical team who will accompany you to the endodontic suite. Dr Saberi will go through the procedure again for you and you can ask any questions you may have. Dr Saberi will then carry out a clinical examination prior to the treatment and obtain any final Xrays or photographs prior to the treatment. With your permission, the treatment will then ensue.

Following the completion of the treatment, Dr Saberi will write to your dentist regarding the outcome. Your dentist will complete the restorative aspect of your treatment. Dr Saberi will review you in due course to monitor the healing of your tooth if required.

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