Thank you for visiting the Patients section of our practice website. Here we will endeavour to provide all the necessary information you will require about your treatment prior to your first visit.

Saving Teeth Matters:

because nothing can ever truly replace your own natural tooth.

It has been proven repeatedly that healthy teeth contribute to overall health and wellbeing. Teeth are a gateway to nutrition and a signal of good health and emotion. Nothing feels, looks or functions like your natural teeth. Prosthetic teeth can never truly substitute or replace your natural teeth either. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that these prosthetics last forever. Therefore, saving your natural teeth should always be your first choice. And that is what specialist endodontists do. They save your natural teeth.

At Edinburgh Endodontist our aim is to save your teeth through the very best modern dentistry and to make the entire experience as comfortable, relaxed and stress free as possible.

We will provide the necessary information for you under the following headings:

Root Canal: which explains what root canal is and why you may need a root canal procedure.
Patient Journey: which explains the sequence of events from when your dentist or you decide to be referred to us until after the completion of your treatment and your return to your dentist.
Sedation and Nervous Patients: here we describe the various methods we use to deliver a pain free treatment to ensure a relaxed and comfortable experience for you.
FAQs: this section goes through the frequently asked questions. If there are any questions that you may have that have not been covered, please contact us.

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