The New Better Normal

The health, safety and comfort of you and our staff are of paramount importance to us.

In order to be able to resume the provision of endodontic care in a safe environment for our patients and team members, some additional steps have been added to our procedures and the patient journey.

We would like to reassure you that we are continuing to keep our highest standard of disinfection and infection control and prevention as we work in an environment where the universal prevention of the spread of infections and diseases is built into our daily practice. Our team members are well trained in this field to keep you and the team safe. In fact, Dentistry in general and Endodontics in particular have always remained ahead of the rest of primary healthcare workforce in the development, implementation and delivery of the strictest infection control policies including disinfection, decontamination, sterilisation and cross infection control. In addition, the use of PPE within dentistry has always been one of the most stringent due to the nature of our profession. We have procured additional PPE not just for our team members but also for our patients. Furthermore, we will conduct all our consultations online using telemedicine (please check our eConsultation newsletter) and we will conduct all our administrative tasks electronically including but not limited to document transfer to our patients (information, advice and guidance), completion of forms and signatures, and payments.

We will adhere to social distancing rules in non-clinical areas of the practice.

We have summarised the steps below:

  • You will receive a confirmation of the receipt of your endodontic (root canal) referral
  •  We will send you a welcome pack containing very important and confidential documents for your Online consultation including Covid-19 risk assessment and screening questionnaire (Electronically unless opted in for hard copy to be posted)
  •  You will be guided on how to book your Online consultation on our website
  •  You can book your Online consultation at the most suitable time for you
  •  You will receive a confirmation of the appointment and a link to the virtual Online consultation room
  •  On the day of your Online consultation you can comprehensively discuss your endodontic problem with Dr Navid Saberi in order to tailor your treatment to your needs and requirements. Please expect several document transfers and Q&As during the Online consultation
  •  During the current phase of Covid-19 pandemic, we only offer treatment for urgent and essential care
  •  If you are in agreement with the treatment suggestion and associated cost, the finance agreement documents will be sent to you (we suggest 0% interest to spread the cost over 6 or 10 months or an upfront card payment)
  • You will be contacted 24 hours prior to your treatment appointment to go through a Covid-19 risk assessment and screening checklist
  • We strongly advise that you wear face covering when you are coming to the practice
  • We strongly advise that you do not use public transport when you are coming to the practice
  • We strongly advise that you enter the practice unaccompanied and slightly prior to your allocated appointment time
  • As the main entrance to the practice remains locked, we kindly request that you call the practice upon arrival to be let in after going through pretreatment Covid-19 screening and risk assessment checklist
  • You will be requested to sanitise your hands on your arrival and place your belongings into an allocated box
  • You will be provided with the following disposable PPE (Mask & Hooded waterproof gown). Please sanitize your hands, wear the mask and hooded waterproof gown
  • Toilet facilities are restricted zones and prior permission is required to access these zones. If you have to use the toilet facilities, please do so before wearing the gown
  • Social distancing rules are in force in non-clinical areas. Please do not touch any surfaces
  • You will be asked to remove your mask in the surgery and place it in a sealable bag that will be provided. You will also be provided with a shoe cover.
  • On completion of your treatment you will be instructed to remove the gown and shoe covers in the designated area, sanitize your hands and put your mask back on
  • You can then collect your belongings, sanitize your hands again and leave the practice

We would be grateful if you would also:

  • Follow the most up to date guidance provided by the government.
  • Contact us if you were unsure of the advice or would like to know how it may impact you or your treatment. Please do not hesitate to call us on 0131 225 9093, 07570 578353 or email us at
  •  Keep us posted if you would like to reschedule your appointment. Please call us on 0131 225 9093, 07570 578353 or email us at


Stay healthy and safe.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

Best wishes

Edinburgh Endodontist Team